Rescue adventure and Comino trip

Good afternoon to you all:) The last few days were quite adventurous and exciting! It all started with Alexandra’s (a wonderful young lady from Romania who wanted to do her Rescue course with Divewise) arrival. My part in her course was that I was the person to be rescued; to put it simply – I was a dead body:)) Or sometimes, a panicking diver both on the surface and underwater. I think I did quite well, especially as an unconscious diver, since I could just relax and have a nap! 🙂 Annabelle was Alex’s teacher and she instructed me how to simulate unexpected accidents, so it was real fun. We carried out a few scenarios, such as searching for a missing diver underwater or towing a tired diver. This was a valuable experience before I start the Rescue course myself.

Anna 1

Anna 2

Belle, Alex and I – Alex’s Rescue course

Vivienne was so kind to let me join a group going to Comino to have pleasure dives 🙂 We went by car to Bugibba. Funnily enough, I was buddied up with Alex again, which made me happy, since we seem to get along quite well underwater (apart from my unexpected attacks of panic and black outs during her Rescue of course:)) She was doing the Mediterranean Sea Slug specialty and so we were after these little buddies during our dives. Alex carried a camera, and I, a ruler and a magnifying glass. Unfortunately, we weren’t perceptive enough to spot them: Sarah had to show us them all. But at least they were there for us to admire:) The first dive was on P31, a Maltese patrol boat. We were on Nitrox and so could stay a bit longer. The dive was really pleasurable, quite a lot of marine life has settled there since the boat was sunk in 2009. At the end of the dive, when everyone else had already got back on board of the boat, Sarah found two sea slugs (I think they were cratena peregrina). I didn’t realise how tiny they are! They were only about 1.5 cm long. So you can imagine how hard it is to spot one:) Having taken photos of them, we ascended for the safety stop, got back on the boat and went to the other dive site, which was Santa Marija Caves. First, after descending to the bottom, Sarah fed bread to fish and they were all hunting for it in front of our faces. This time we all dived as one group (still divided into pairs of buddies) and Sarah guided us into picturesque caverns. At the end of the dive she showed me and Alex the nudibranches that she had found earlier during the dive. This were Flabellina affinis, I guess. So we went through the same procedure again: the ruler, magnifying glass and camera:) Now we were ready to go back to Divewise with another series of great memories in our minds!



Bugibba and the dive on P31



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