Starting a diving adventure in Malta

Hi there, I’m Anna, a student from Poland (I am doing an MA course in English-Polish translation). After a tough academic term, I have finally arrived in Malta to join the DiveWise team as an intern for 3 months. I am really excited to be in Malta for the first time and even more thrilled to be able to help the staff and enhance my diving skills in exchange as I’m an Open Water Diver with only little experience. Nevertheless, I will be doing Advanced Open Water Diver course and, hopefully, some other diving specialties and maybe even a Rescue Dive course.

Today was my first dive in Malta! I went for a check dive with Valentino, a friendly Italian instructor, and Luana, a girl from Brasil. Having prepared our equipment, done a buddy check and reached the shore, we submerged to practice bDSCF4752asic skills, such as clearing the mask, using the partner’s octopus, and retrieving the regulator. Then we were ready for a proper dive! We set off to explore the bottom. The visibility was perfect and, despite having minor problems with equalization at first, I really enjoyed the dive! I felt very comfortable and safe underwater with Valentino and Luana by my side. Although I hadn’t dived for 9 months, I quickly got used to underwater environment and achieved nice buoyancy. Valentino found shells for us and showed us how a sea urchin sucks to the bottom of his palm. We also spotted a nice big fish and dived under submerged boat ladders. It was great and I am really loDSCF4753oking forward to my next dive!

This is it for now, I will keep you informed about my diving adventures and progress!


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