The 3,147 ton vessel is a single screw motor tanker built by Smith Dock Co. Ltd, Middlesborough, England in 1969 and registered in Tripoli. With a length of 110 metres and a beam of 16 metres, the engine room, bridge and accommodation are arranged aft. The cargo section is sub divided into 4  centre tanks and 4 wing tanks on each side.

The ill fated tanker Um el Faroud was scuttled on Wednesday 2nd September 1998, three and a half years after the explosion that killed nine dock workers in Valletta Grand Harbour.

At an average depth of 37 metres and approximately 200 metres from the shore, this wreck will be reached after a gentle 8-10 minutes swim across the reefs. Flying Gurnards, Torpedoe Rays and free swimming Moraya Helena can be encountered along the way.

Regularly populated by Barracuda, the wreck is teaming with aquatic life.



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