P29The P29, formerly Boltenhagen, started life in former East Germany. She is a Kondor-class boat designed and built on the Peenewerft, Wolgast, In East Germany in the 1960’s.

With a length of 52 metres and weighing in at 360 tonnes, these vessels were primarily intended as minesweepers, though several variants existed, used for border control, fisheries protection or as part of the GDR logistical fleet.

The Maltese Tourist Authority bought her in September 2005 and was scuttled as a dive attraction 14th August 2007 at a depth of 38 metres.



In August 1997, after a 3 week voyage from Germany, The Armed Forces of Malta’s Maritime Squadron took delivery of their third Kondor vessel, the P29. The Kondor shipe were the first war ships the AFM ever commissioned, and it was thabnks to them that the Maritime Squadron were able to participate in naval exercises with outher European fleets.

From 1997 until 2004, when she was decommissioned, the P29 patrolled the coastal waters of the Maltese Islands, fulfilling her duties with search and rescue operations, fisheries protection duties and other exercises: of course the naval exercises took her further a field into International waters of the Mediterranean. In 2000 and 2001 the Kondors supported the prestigious Royal Malta Yacht Club’s Middle Sea Race off Lampedusa.


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