Epic Underwater Photography Workshop

We would like to introduce a new course which is now running at Divewise;

an underwater photography workshop.


It is being run by Darrell Kattenhorn, an instructor who has worked with us over the past two years and is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor who has lots of experience with thousands of logged dives over the last ten years, so you’ll be in safe hands! He has been involved with photography for the past twenty-five years, both on land and underwater, and has had his photographs published in numerous editions of the Sport Diver magazine, both on inside pages and the front cover. In other words, he’s one of the best!

Darrell Kattenhorn

The workshop is aimed at experienced divers who would like to expand their photographic knowledge underwater, and is a great accompaniment or follow-up to the PADI Digital Underwater Photography course, which can be found at www.padi.com. This course is also offered by Divewise. Unfortunately, divers must be PADI-qualified to at least Advanced Open Water to participate. This course is also offered by Divewise and can be taken just prior to the workshop, allowing you time to get to know the local waters and the centre itself.


The workshop lasts for four full days and is limited to four people per workshop to ensure no one is neglected. One-on-one courses are also available on request. The first day is spent in the classroom, covering but not limited to an overview of different camera functions and the operations of underwater flash, in an intensive session. On the second day, there is a test dive which is used to ensure all divers are qualified and to demonstrate the differences between pleasure diving and diving with photographic equipment. The remaining time is spent diving in the spectacular Maltese waters which contain a variety of sites and incredible marine life. After each day’s diving, the group return to the centre where they review all images captured and Darrell demonstrates the best post production methods using editing software to enhance your photographs. The course is adaptable and can be tweaked according to different levels of ability, but Darrell will do his best to group divers of the same ability together.

Cuttle fish

This is an incredible, unique idea which has been specifically designed for Divewise and we are very excited to be working with Darrell again. To our knowledge, there are very few other courses of this kind offered worldwide, and none in Malta. The course has been formulated with the local marine life in mind and all photography is taken when there is no risk to the local environment.


For further information, or just to satisfy your curiosity, please look at the website:



All photographs copyright © Darrell Kattenhorn 2013 | All rights reserved


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