Summer time in Malta


Good morning everyone from sunny Malta. Summer’s here and It’s time to get in the water for all the students who comes to Malta to learn English. Warm sunshine, fantastic beaches, a safe atmosphere and of course diving: all these things attract students who want to learn English to come to Malta.  Students from over 35 countries come to visit Malta every year and here at Divewise we are ready to welcome them with our International team of diving instructors. We can speak: English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Russian, French, Danish and Japanese.


Nev speaks the most languages and here is the list: English, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zeland, Irish, Scottish and Welsh….. He will  put your mind at ease, entertain you with his jokes and show you a great time.


Nev is also working hard in the compressor room as we need more gas, so we got another new compressor. Took the opportunity to send the old one away for some maintenance. In a few weeks we will be running two of these babies.



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