Meet the Staff!

I thought It would have been nice for a change to introduce the Staff here at Divewise and get to know them a little bit more. We have a nice international, enthusiastic and wonderful people here at Divewise and it’s very funny sometimes to hear Anne speaking Japanese during her briefing while Albert is talking to a Spanish customer and Fran is dealing with the Italians, all happening at the same time.

Sarah the scuba tig


A Master Instructor who looks after the kids programs – Bubblemaker, Seal Team and Snorkelling. Sarah is     also an avid underwater photographer and videographer, which has led her to be an awesome critter-spotter.  This is the lady to dive with if you want to spot octopus, cuttlefish, seahares, shrimp and seahorses!

Sarah was also a previous Instructor with Alan & Viv at The Diving Academy and soon followed them over to Malta along with her husband Howard…. now enjoying what they love to do best!



Howard, Imagethe teddy bear

A Master Instructor joined us in September 2008 and is a valuable all-rounder enjoys teaching photography and DPV. Howard makes the other half of a couple with Sarah Shaw, and they also form a formidable photo and video partnership too! You’ll see us linking to their awesome videos all the time on our blogs. Howard also enjoys helping out with Techwise our sister company for the blending of gases for the divers the following day and has enjoyed doing some courses with Alan to help look after pleasure divers – enjoys the HMS Stubborn and has acted as a safety diver during courses



Steve Scerri

Stephen did his Open Water Course with 3 friends back in April 2009 and went on to complete his Advanced and some specialties……….he soon became addicted to his new hobby and was soon a Rescue Diver too…. there was no surprise when he soon signed up for his Divemaster and then went on to the IDC in April 2010 – he passed with flying colours and had the biggest smile ever !!  He now enjoys teaching for Divewise on the weekends or happy to take out the night divers on pleasure dives or the Night Specialty……..Stephen teaches with passion and great care and always has the divers coming out of the water with his infectious smile !!


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