IDC Time


It’s IDC time again, the second one of the year. Camilla and Kenny are going to be working very hard in the next two weeks in order to get ready for the examination. As with every IDC,  it all starts with an orientation in which Alan explains how the whole course is going to be structured. The schedule is quite tight. The mornings start at 8 o’clock  in the classroom doing presentations. After a quick break for lunch there is more work to do in the pool or in the Open Water, it depends on the day.


The day normally ends around 6 o’clock in the evening, but sometimes it can be longer. The tension grows with the approach of the examination  but there is always space for a good laugh to release the tension. It’s a mix of emotions coming into the course. First and foremost is excitement, that part is obvious.  So, what comes next? – stress.


This is the moment in which you don’t remember anything, not even your name. it is very normal and will just go away on its own. Finally you’ll get your concentration back and suddenly everything will make sense and come together.


On the examination day the only thing you have to do is put everything you’ve learned into practice and enjoy the great achievement with a drink afterwards!



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