Happy Sunday Ev…

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far. My morning started out great here at Divewise with a dive on the Maori with Rene’ and Carl. As every Sunday morning there is no traffic on the road and despite the wind we managed to find a place to dive on the Island.


No one was there when we arrived which was perfect as we had the whole Wreck for us. Visibility was incredible, I could not believe it, and everything went nice and smoth!! Divers normally use this dive site when the weather conditions do not permit diving at the most popular dive sites, but in my opinion the Maori should be dived when the sea conditions elsewhere are good, your reward would be to find that you are the only divers here. 


This is our friend Rene’ from Italy, smiling during the dive. He comes to dive any time he has the chance to do it and he always has a big smile on his face. Tomorrow we’ll have some fun as he decided to start his dry suit specialty to get some extra warmth during chilly weather and deeper dives! Looking forward to it!


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