Another good day at Divewise

I hope you have had a wonderful Easter Sunday to all those celebrating today!! We have been busy with our DSD’s coming at the center and funny enough at the end of the day we couldn’t get out of the center for all the traffic around the Dragonara Resort… I wish I had a picture of those who fall asleep in their car while waiting in the queue!!!!


Today started with a really strong wind so we couldn’t do much on our house reef. However Sarah managed to finish Matti’s and Krista’s Open Water course and everybody came out with a big smile after the dive! Hopefully tomorrow everything we’ll be back to normal with the wind calming down and we’ll have all our divers back in the water!


An old friend Danijel is here on business again and came in for his Dry Suit Specialty today. Hopefully we will see him again on Wednesday for some more practice and some pleasure diving.

Even Jack has been good and he’s been busy trying to make some new friend….Image







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