Another good day here at Divewise!


It’s been a relatively quiet day here at Divewise as our house reef is far too rough to dive.

Howard and Phil still at Gnejna Bay with Akshay who started today his rescue course. He arrived in Malta yesterday with his Mum and Dad to have a little break from busy London. Nev and Darrell are there as well but they are on a pleasure dive with Sir Dave Mallard. Dave comes to us every year for two weeks in March and  November. He loves to dive the X Lighter or X127 and thanks to him the wreck is now protected. If you need any sort of information about the X Lighter he is the guy you want to talk to as he has more information and dives on the wreck than anyone else on the planet!


The Classroom is busy at the moment with three German guys who are starting the Open Water Course this afternoon. They are currently watching videos and learning how to use the eRDP so tomorrow they will be ready to have some fun at the National pool.

The week-end looks quite busy as well with lots of DSD’s coming from France, South America and Spain. It looks like  the dive season has well and truly kicked off!  Looking forward to having a great time with all of you in the next few days!


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